Shake it Off!

New music video in progress!

I’m going to be doing Shake it Off by Taylor Swift, requested to me by someone who wishes to remain Anonymous.

I AM taking requests, so put on on the music video page, or email it to me at !

I’ll let you know when I make it!



Early Poptropica – Over and Over and Over Again

Don’t know if you guys have heard of the Poptropica Hall of Fame thing that’s been going on…

Well, IDK about you, but I’M going to guest star on Poptropica.

Wanna know my game plan?



I saw on the PHB that HP’s friend, Pixel, completed Early Poptropica 1000 times. 

Now, I’m not going to do anything as drastic as that, but I’m going to do it! Just as soon as I finish MotM Island for the PIaO guide, I’m going to glue my eyes to the Early Poptropica screen.

By the time I’m done, the golden egg will be burned into my mind.


The Missing Link: Octavian’s Secret

My awesome friend, HP, and his awesome (and SLIGHTLY crazy) theories have struck once again! For some reason, this one actually made more sense than the other ones 😀

Poptropica Help Blog

Hi Gs,

So, you guys have faithfully been waiting for the next Missing Link about my giant Time Tangled theory – well, it looks like I was onto something.

If you guys have read any of the Mystery of the Map novel (which involves the origin of Poptropica), you may have realized that it basically debunked my theory – it looked like that time travel and inconsistencies have nothing to do with Poptropica’s wacky timeline. In fact, it didn’t look like there was much a timeline in the first place, what with the apparent viking island being a part of Poptropica as a whole, and not a teleported time period.

But just recently, I was looking through MotM at Octavian’s appearances, searching for an Easter egg. I found multiple Easter eggs throughout, not all about Octavian, and I’ll be posting more about those in the future, but for now, we’re talking…

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Hello World!


Hi there! My name is Trusty Biker. You may know me from the MANY blogs I work on (see links at the bottom of this site!).

Anywho, this is MY personal blog. I probably WILL NOT be inviting anyone to come help me with this blog.

I will rarely post Poptropica news, but I will post stories and videos and stuff.

I’m getting a tad good at graphic design, and I’m always trying to make stuff. If you have a request, I will definitely try to fulfill it! My email is trustybiker031(AT)

You can friend me on Poptropica! My username is ihg0119 .

Anyway, check out my YouTube channel!

Until next time!