Fashion Makeover-Shiny Walker


This is Shiny Walker:


She’s nine years old and she helps her mom out at the HAIR CLUB serving milkshakes. Right across from the stand is the stage where people get up and sing. She has always wanted to sing there, but her outfit is making her lose self-confidence. This time, we’re going to call two people to help Shiny Walker. Crazy Glove, the head designer, and Small Typhoon, who specializes in boosting self esteem. Small  Typhoon will be video chatting with us.

small typhoon crazyglove65


Small Typhoon says one way to boost self-esteem is to wear your favorite color. Shiny Walker says her favorite color is pink and white. Now Crazy Glove will list the good and bad things of her outfit.


  • Her skin color matches her hair color
  • She’s wearing pink on pink, which looks ugly


  • Her hair is cute curled

Let’s get to work.


This time, it only took Crazy Glove 20 minutes to pull together the perfect outfit for Shiny Walker.



Here’s Shiny Walker singing:



Crazy Glove will now tell us what she did.

Well, Shiny Walker told us her favorite color was pink and white, so I chose a pink dress with white stripes. I decided to give her a white jacked and white belt to set it off.

We kept the hair the way it was, only to dye it black with permission from her mother. We also gave her bangs that flip at the end.

All the audience loved her, and Shiny Walker had a lot of self-confidence!

Her mother also called us and told us a lot of annoying people didn’t like the way Shiny Walker dressed and walked away from the milkshake bar. So we decided to give her a cute bartender outfit.

At the Hair Club giving someone a milkshake.


See? Someone already came! The outfit consists of grey pants and a white shirt with a blue vest. We also straightened her hair and gave her a purple headband.

We also gave her a fancy outfit and a casual outfit.

Eating at Herc’s Hut with her parents.


Hanging with her friends at the movie theater.
Hanging with her friends at the movie theater.


For the fancy outfit, we gave her a cute sleeveless dress with a white sash. We pulled her hair up unto a bun and gave her a pair of purple earrings. We also gave her a gold necklace that sets off the outfit.

For the casual outfit, we have her a cute pink button-down shirt with a studded belt. We also swept her hair into a braid.

Shiny Walker and her mother thank Crazy Glove and Small Typhoon.

If you want a makeover, send me an email at . I do them every other day.




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