Fashion Makeover-Dangerous Crab

This is a FAKE makeover. If you would like a real one, email me at 

This is Dangerous Crab:


She is 14 years old, and she wants to get a part-time job at the Nabooti African Museum. She went to her job interview today, only to be turned down. She needs to look like she knows what she’s doing. Let’s call in our head designer, Crazy Glove, to fix her up!


It’s Crazy Glove’s method to always identify what is good and bad about the outfit.


  • Striped shirt with plaid skirt
  • should smile more
  • Hair could be fuller, maybe with an up-do


  • Her tan matches nicely with her hair color

Well, it looks like Crazy Glove has a lot of work to do!

Finally, after about three hours, Dangerous Crab is finished! Let’s take a look!



Let’s ask Crazy Glove what she did!

Well, darling, first I added a couple of extensions so that her hair became fuller, then ran a curling iron through it. I had a hairdresser cut her some bangs, and we added quick highlight to it.

Next, we went shopping. She picked out a white shirt, and I added the pink jacket. We also picked a pair of jeans to go along with it.

But, of course, she needed something more fancy for the job interview (they agreed to let her have another one). So:



We picked a yellow shirt with a white tie and a grey skirt. The tie ties the whole thing together.

Also, we decided to make her something fancy to wear to dinner or something.


I gave her a pink skirt along with a pink shirt so it looks like she’s wearing a dress. I also gave her a white boa as an accent. We straightened her hair and added a pink flower.


Oh! The results for the interview are in.

She got the job! 

Thanks, Crazy Glove!

Join us next time for another fashion makeover! If you want a fashion makeover, send your username to or put it in the comments!

Did you like Dangerous Crab’s outfit? Let me know in the comments!



14 thoughts on “Fashion Makeover-Dangerous Crab

  1. The username is yay-yay-yay-o 😀
    (Don’t ask me what I was thinking, lol) I would like to beautify her, the name’s Incredible Drummer 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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