Something I really like doing on Poptropica is creating costumes. Honestly. I pick a theme and go to different islands and pick things that match my theme.

So, I want to share that love with you. From now on I will have:

  • A costumes page under the cool stuff tab
  • Fashion Makeovers



This page will have every costume I’ve ever created, as well as how to create them. I am still deciding whether I will put other people’s costumes in though…


If you want an awesome fashion makeover for your Poptropican, let me know! All you have to do is send me the username of your Poptropican and I will create a new character with the costume you have on. Then, I will do the makeover, then give you the username of the Poptropican so you can friend it and customize all its clothes. PLEASE NOTE THAT I WILL NOT ACCEPT RARE ACCOUNTS, AS THEY MAKE MY COMPUTER GLITCH. I will also be doing fake fashion makeovers, meaning I will make random accounts and fix them up. I’ll do my first fake makeover today!

Well, that’s all for now!



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